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CSSS holds opening ceremony of “2019 National Science and Technology Activity Week” in Hebei

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“2019 National Science and Technology Activity Week” successfully held on 18 May in Shijiazhuang, Hebei province. The event was hosted by China Sport Science Society and organized by Hebei Sport Science Society. The theme of this activity was “Technology along with me to build a strong national dream”, and aimed at popularizing scientific fitness knowledge, improving people's quality of life, and offering gifts for the 70th anniversary of the establishment of People's Republic of China.

Lin Shuaitian, deputy director of the Secretariat of China Sport Science Society, and Ji Xiaofeng, secretary general of Hebei Sport Science Society, delivered speeches respectively. Two researchers also gave the lectures on “Scientific Fitness, Healthy Patron Saint” and “Scientific Fitness, Preventing Sports Injury”. “Scientific Fitness Protection Comics” and “18 Scientific Fitness Manners” were displayed. Meanwhile, Over 200 people participated in the ceremony.

The follow-up activities of the event include “Science Caravan on National Fitness Surveillance ”and “Guidance Lecture on National Scientific Fitness” etc.


CISS / Wang Jingjing